Meet the Team

The Save the Munbax Campaign is a collaboration between Green Door Labs and Stark Interaction Design. With these two brands building an interactive experience together, prospective witches and wizards can be assured of plenty of magic and mayhem. 

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Green Door Labs

Kellian Adams Pletcher (Co-Artistic Director) is the founder and mastermind of Green Door Labs, a studio that builds physical/digital games for places like museums, libraries. Green Door Labs games include Come and Play at the DIA for the Detroit Institute of Arts, The League of Extraordinary Bloggers for the Boston Children’s museum, The Mystery of the Megatherium Club with the Smithsonian Castle. These days Kellian is working on Club Drosselmeyer, 1941!

Stark Interaction Design

Lizzie Stark (Co-Artistic Director) is a participation designer and the author of two nonfiction books, Leaving Mundania (2012) and Pandora’s DNA (2014) as well as a monograph on game design. She has edited two books of larp scripts, Larps from the Factory, and #Feminism and has served as a play consultant and facilitator for museums, universities, theater groups, and cultural institutions all over the world.                    

Eclectic Sculpture

Hilary Scott, founder of Eclectic Sculpture will be working with Mrs. Hatherly and Mrs. Phipps to fill the Eustis Estate with spectacular magical creatures such as mugwumps, swamp fairies, juvenile river dragons, leaplings and nivvelmitts.

Born to two extremely attractive penguins on the windswept shores of Baffinland, Hilary Scott grew up with the inescapable smell of fish in his nostrils and the certainty that he did not like matching seal holes. He also has a Ph.D. in international law, specializes in public diplomacy and counter-intelligence and has lectured widely on European political history. Words cannot do justice to Hilary's artwork. You'll just have to visit his creations at the Eustis Estate Magical Creatures Preserve or stop by his studio. 

Diana Limbach Lempel............dramaturge

Maxine Miles..................costume design

Isaac Shutz................................sound

Snowrunner Productions.........publicity

Margaret middleton........graphic design