Munbax overview.jpg

 Unleash your most magical self

Cast spells, mix potions, meet monsters and solve the puzzle of the munbax’s mysterious illness in this evening of immersive theater at the Eustis Estate Magical Creatures Preserve!!

This event has already passed but feel free to explore our website! We hope Save the Munbax will return someday!

OCTOBER 6 (SAT), 7 (SUN), AND 8TH (MON) 2018

7:30PM- 10:00 PM



Explore a world of fantastic beasts! As a member of the wizarding community, you'll explore the beautiful Eustis Estate Magical Creatures Preserve and receive lectures and instruction from some of the best witches and wizards of the day. This is an immersive adventure that will appeal to people who love Harry Potter, Escape Rooms, Fantastic Beasts, Tolkien, sci-fi, fantasy, historical fiction and all magical worlds! Solve puzzles, perform spells and investigate the story. Part escape room, part art installation, this is an interactive theater piece in the tradition of Sleep No More from the team that brought you Club Drosselmeyer. 


The year is 1898. Mrs. Hatherly and Mrs. Phipps cordially invite you to join Boston’s progressive wizard and witch elite for an evening of potion-casting, spell-casting, divination, and creature talks. We willwe must!come together to conserve the precious magic creature population of New England, most particularly, the Northern Crested Munbax.


Uncover your secret, magical alter-ego circa 1898

Engage with magical creatures at the Magical Creatures Preserve

Cast spells, mix potions, divine the future and launch a conservation society

Help us solve the puzzle of the Northern Crested Munbax

Enjoy the unparalleled beauty of historic Eustis Estate, in, Milton, Mass.


Questions? Concerns? Spells? Potions? Email us anytime at