What to Wear

Dressing in your 1898 wizarding best is not required, though it will help build the magic for you and your fellow participants. Exactly what this means is up to you—after all, wizards don’t have to play by mundane fashion rules! Do wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking around the mansion, and please feel free to bring your own wand if you’ve got one handy.

Looking from some turn-of-the-century style inspiration? Fear not gentle participant, we have ideas for you:


dapper duds

A suit with a hat and possibly a cane would be very appropriate. Some might even wear a tuxedo for this evening event. Sporting wizards (we are gathering to preserve the magical outdoors after all) might wear tweed plus-fours or a vest.

workers wear.jpg

Workers’ Wear

As forward-thinkers, Mrs. Hatherly and Mrs. Phipps appreciate the workers of Boston and would not be at all insulted if you came in your 1900’s work clothes: overalls over a button-up shirt with books and hat, or an apron over a dress with high-heeled boots.



You may consider a floor-length skirt or gown with a cinched waist, high neck and long sleeves. Ruffled sleeves and big big HATS were very stylish. Progressives of 1898 might abandon that corset and wear a long jacket like their suffragette sisters.