what to expect


The Venue

Save the Munbax is set in Eustis Estate, a beautiful historic mansion.

Eustis Estate was built in 1878 by William Ralph Emerson for newlyweds WEC and Edith Eustis. Edith's sister-in-law, Harriet Hemenway along with her cousin Mina Hall, were the inspiration for this story. Harriet and Mina raised awareness and fought for their cause in this very home.

The experience

You’ll immerse yourself in the Boston wizarding world of the 1890s. The evening begins with a brief set of magic lessons, but after that, which activities you choose are up to you.

You'll have the opportunity to cast spells, solve the mystery of the vanishing Munbax, help launch the Society for the Protection of Magical Creatures, and explore the historic Eustis Estate. There will be lots to uncover!